After-school Coordinator Job Application



Job Role and Summary

The After-School Coordinator is responsible for planning, implementing, supervising, and evaluating daily after-school activities. He/she will work with the Executive Director and Administrative Assistant to determine activities and programming that benefit the participants' growth and development. This position needs a highly organized, compassionate, and adaptable individual to work with people of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.



Part-time (31 hours a week) $20/hr – 40 weeks a year (Sep-June)


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Ensures the safety of students by being aware of potential hazards and addressing them appropriately.
  2. Provide educational support for participants seeking them.
  3. Supervise student engagement in programs that provide additional education for students of color and beyond.
  4. Effectively manages and coordinates program requirements with participating agencies.
  5. Assures proper care and maintenance of the facilities being used.
  6. Communicates with other CACD staff/volunteers to support students' success.
  7. Documents findings of student evaluations and discuss the same with parents, if applicable.
  8. Sets educational standards and goals and helps establish programs, procedures, and policies to carry them out.
  9. Work with other community organizations, district partners, and schools to solicit participants for after-school programs.
  10. Promptly and professionally responds to all stakeholder inquiries.
  11. Communicate and support the needs of participants and their families regarding engagement in the after-school program.



  1. Ability to maintain confidentiality and demonstrate integrity.
  2. Capable of implementing and supervising a positive and safe learning environment that incorporates academics, enrichment, and physical activities.
  3. Ability to maintain goals and priorities in dealing with distinct challenges.
  4. Strong creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to youth development.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Knowledgeable of safety practices and procedures.
  7. Ability to perform the job with little supervision.
  8. Ability to follow written and oral directions.
  9. Excellent time management and organizational skills.



  1. High School diploma required; Associate's degree preferred.
  2. Experience working with youth K-12.
  3. Must pass a criminal background check provided by the RI Attorney General’s Office


Preferred Qualifications

  1. Able to speak Cape Verdean Kriolu and/or Portuguese
  2. CPR/First Aid Certified
  3. Experience with academic tutoring


Applicants must provide a resume and cover letter. To submit and for questions, email, [email protected]


Link to apply here: